Bagua Swallow Form


The study of tai chi and internal arts is an exact science and you DO NEED a qualified expert to teach you.

Many martial arts school owners and individuals have jumped onto the "tai chi bandwagon" in the last decade or so as the art form has become more widely known in the U.S. for its numerous benefits.

But not all instructors are created equal and many lack the necessary experience and expertise to truly help you. You need to be aware of this fact and be able to make a discerning choice. For just as proper movement and training can benefit you... so improper movement and training can have the opposite effect. "Knowing" Tai Chi and truly understanding this art are two very different states of being...


This is not easy when you have no point of reference. But here are a few points to consider:

1) Tai Chi is a complete and complex discipline therefore experience matters. A long tenure in the art is required to truly understand to a point where you can effectively teach others. We have over 85 years of experience between the two of us.

2) The kinetic principles of Tai Chi movement are different than what are found in other art forms... I.E. Karate, ShaoLin Kungfu, Brazilian Jujitsu, MMA (mixed martial arts), etc. So a person/school that claims to teach other things along side is likely not what you're seeking. Such other art forms are in direct conflict to the methods taught within the Tai Chi discipline. We teach you the science of motion, kinetics and physics within Tai Chi.

Only other internal art forms, such as Xingyi (hsingi) or Bagua(pakua) or Liou He Ba Fah, share the same kinetic principles. So it is best to find an internal arts specialist to study these disciplines. We both grew up in the internal arts of Taiwan. We are not hobbyists. We are consummate professionals of these disciplines.

3) Movement matters. A good instructor should not be adverse to demonstrating their OWN movement to you. The movement structure should appear both effortlessly fluid and strong. This should be evident throughout the performance in terms of body integrity. If the movement appears stiff in any way, look elsewhere. Besides the clip on this page, you may find additional video clips of our movement on our sister website

4) A good teacher should be able to clearly explain and demonstrate simple "proofs" of the principles of Tai Chi. If they cannot easily and immediately find the words or the example, they probably do not truly know. Besides our regular students, we are also teachers of teachers. We have produced over 40 best selling internal arts instructional videos and are best selling authors on the subject. You may find all of these products on our sister website within our online store.

Let us share with you a few of our perspectives on the key aspects of the Chinese Internal Kung Fu form of Tai Chi (TaiJi)... By following the links at the top of the page, you will be led to in-depth information on each of the aspects regarding this amazing internal martial art.

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