The Tai Chi (TaiJi) SPIRIT

Tai Chi throw

A healthy spirit can be seen reflecting brightly through the eyes of the person who possesses it. Dull, glazed eyes denote a spirit weakened through abuse of the body and an undisciplined mind. Only through training both the body and mind can a person achieve a state of balance that is conducive to creating a brightly glowing spirit, strengthened through the harmony of the mind and body.

The most important thing to remember for the practice of tai chi chuan (taijiquan) is "a serene heart (Hsin) plus a concentrated mind (Yi)," which allows the nerve centers to relax, improving the ability to efficiently coordinate the functions of the various organ systems of the body.

Relaxation (Sung) of the whole body, mind and spirit, deep and natural breathing, smooth spiral-like actions centering on the waist (Dan Tien), and a training method designed to convey one's inner energy (Chi) to the tips of the limbs by use of intention (Yi). All these aspects, when combined properly, result in harmony of the inside and outside body, unimpeded (Jingluo), blood and lymphatic circulation, and improved functions of the skeletal, muscle and digestive systems.
As a result, tai chi practice is quite suitable for both martial training and general physical fitness. In recent years, through clinical studies, tai chi has been shown to have certain curative effects on such chronic diseases as high blood pressure, entero gastritis, neurasthenia, neuralgia, heart trouble, tuberculosis, arthritis, diabetes, gout, etc.  All people, however, should be advised by their physician before practicing tai chi chuan.

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