Tai Chi and Beyond

Serving Las Vegas with superior instruction stemming from decades of experience.

You want a complete and comprehensive approach to:

  • Your Health and Well Being

  • The rebuilding and maintenance of youthful Vitality and Energy

  • Effective Strategy for the Important Crossroads in interpersonal or business relationships

  • A Comprehensive and Wholistic approach to Diet, Exercise and Restorative Therapy

  • You want the proverbial "fountain of youth"

And you want it all in one place. Well... You've found that place.

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Study and train in secluded privacy with absolutely ZERO public distractions. Reserved parking is just steps away from the training hall.

Our programs are all inclusive. One program tuition fee gives access to all our services.

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Don't waste time with inferior teachers. Study with two Master level practitioners with a combined 85+ years of experience. There are no other teachers that can make such a claim!

Master Andrea Cheng has over 35 years of experience in internal martial arts. And Master Mike Patterson has over 50 years of experience in the arts.

Why settle for anything less? GET ON POINT!

We are a private organization for Quality of Life studies and we specialize in one on one, customized training. Our programs include the study of Tai Chi (taiji), Applied Integrative Motion Therapy (A.I.M.), Strategic Application of Philosophy in both life and work, Nutritional Sciences, Healthy Lifestyle Choices and other related studies. If you are either:

1) A person in need of help for a specific health issue and you have not experienced the relief you seek...or

2) An individual who knows the value that quality guidance in the internal self improvement arts of Tai Chi (taiji), Pa Kua (bagua), Hsing I (xingyi) or Liou He Ba Fah (liuhebafa) can bring and simply wishes the best education possible...  Contact Us.

All others need not apply as both space and time are limited. You do not need to have experience to study here, but you do need to be serious.

This is an Exclusive Organization for Adults Only.

Through the proper study of Tai Chi and the internal arts, along with philosophy and expert qualified guidance, you can take charge of your own health. You can live pain free with abundant energy. You can acquire the knowledge, personal power and peace of mind in order to free yourself from the chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, body workers, etc. in your life and take back what is yours.

We have been professional providers since 1978. Because of our vast experience, we are completely confident that you can indeed see profound results. And we will be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to see if our method is a fit for your circumstance or unique need.

Your training with us is completely confidential. Stop wasting time with those less capable. Contact us and start achieving your goals of better health, balance and vitality today.

To schedule your free consultation, Contact Us Today and we will be happy to speak with you about all details relating to study. You may also Phone Us if preferred and we'll get back to you at our earliest opportunity.

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