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Shrmu (Simu) Biography

Andrea Cheng

MASTER ANDREA CHENG: Teacher of - Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Hsing I, Liou He Ba Fah, Chi Kung, Meditation. Shr Mu began Martial Arts training at the age of nineteen. She has over 36 years of Martial Arts experience, 26 years teaching the Internal Styles of Tai Chi (Taiji), Pa Kua (Bagua), Hsing I (Xingyi) and Liou He Ba Fah (Liuhebafa).

She began her studies with the internal martial art of Pa Kua (Bagua) which she studied diligently for many years before broadening her knowledge base with first Hsing I (Xingyi) and then Tai Chi (Taiji) and Liou He Ba Fah (Liuhebafa). Her education has been strictly traditional in these disciplines.

Shr Mu Cheng is an Internationally Certified Kuoshu referee and Internal Martial Arts Judge. She served as Overall Team Leader of the 1996 World Team U.S.A and has on numerous occasions served in various official capacities at International Chinese Martial Events.
As a former training manager for a fortune 100 company, she has been a frequent consultant in developing numerous personal training programs and career coaching for business professionals as a Strategic Life Coach. Her forays in to this area are detailed in her personal website 

She is also the co-founder of A.I.M. (applied integrative motion) Therapy.

She served as Chief Journalist and Consultant for the International Martial Magazine "The Hsing I Journal" throughout the life of the magazine in the 1990's and was instrumental in bringing Tai Chi (Taiji) and the internal martial arts to the public notice in the United States during that time period.

She is an exemplary representative of the ideals the internal martial arts have to offer. She resides and teaches in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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