What does "Private, Customized One on One Training" Mean?

In this case it means truly what is stated. We offer one on one training, just you and the master instructor, with no other students present or even nearby. The training takes place in a private, designated training area free of distractions. There are no phone calls to answer during your session. There are no visitors watching you. There are no interferences of any kind to distract either you or your teacher while in session. Your training with us is completely confidential.

We offer individually tailored programs for each student to suit his or her needs. The scope of the training will be customized to suit your individual needs and goals so that you may include (or exclude as the case may be) any aspect of training, non-martial or martial, to the depth and level you desire within your specific training requirements.

You will train with and be trained by Master Mike Patterson and/or Master Andrea Cheng only. No student, senior student, assistant instructor or any other individual will ever train or teach you at any time. This ensures a consistency and quality to your training that simply cannot be matched in any kind of regular commercial school setting.

We have a lifetime of experience in four different and complete internal systems from which to draw so that we can create a specific and unique program for each individual student practitioner.

We offer a relaxed, no stress environment for the individual seeking to expand their awareness through internal arts practice. Scheduling can be made any day of the week, including weekends. So even the busiest of professional can tailor a schedule that works for their needs.

In addition, if time does not permit you to come to us, on-line personal training is also available. Although there truly is no substitute for direct personal interaction, modern technology when employed properly can be the next best thing. If this route is appealing, ask us about what is involved and what can be accomplished through an on-line medium.

The coursework can include (or exclude) any of the following disciplines:

  • Internal Arts   Tai Chi (TaiJi), Hsing I (XingYi), Pa Kua (BaGua), Liou He Ba Fah (Liuhebafa).
  • Health & Wellness Practices   Longevity Practices, Therapeutic Exercise Restorative Exercise, A.I.M. Therapy, Tui Na Massage.
  • Energetic Practices   Medical Chi Kung, Chi Kung (QiGong), Zhan Zhuang (standing post meditations), Seated Meditation.
  • Strategic Coaching   Executive Strategy, Career Counseling, Interpersonal Development, Networking Strategy, Office Development Strategy, Applied Philosophy

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