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Thank you for the time you spent with me and correctly identifying that the cause of my knee problem stemming from my back problem. After having performed the A.I.M. Therapy protocol for the knee, the back felt much better and definitely the knee discomfort has gone away.  I also can straighten the left knee better with no problem. I am being careful in not straightening to the point of locking the joints. The most noticeable difference between the before and after effects are in the way I walk.  Although I was able to walk a few steps before you helped me via the A.I.M. Therapy, I had to be very conscious of the pointing of the toes, so to assure there was no lateral movement of the knee.  After the A.I.M. Therapy, now I can walk with absolutely no discomfort.  The knee seems to be able to adjust freely.  Thank you.--- Phillip C., Retired Physicist, Investor

I would like you to know that I find working with you and A.I.M. Therapy has made a huge difference for me in managing the fibromyalgia.  It has done more for increasing my energy and reducing my pain than any drug I have tried.  Thank you for being so encouraging, enthusiastic, understanding and empathetic toward my needs.  I am truly looking forward to this journey we have embarked upon. --- Becky G., Executive Secretary

I wish to commend you for your outstanding levels of professionalism, knowledge and passion for educating me in the practice of the ancient system of Qigong of which Tai Chi is a vital element.  Under your expert tutelage I have been able to increase my range of motion using fluid and slow movements, decrease left knee pain to the point that I have been able to delay a recommended left knee replacement surgery as well as decrease cervical and low back pain. You have expertly explained to me a number of Chinese medicine concepts that are vital to my development and maintenance of a healthier lifestyle. You make the learning climate fun and productive. I recommend, without reservation, your services. --- Dr. Louis M. PHD

Two years ago, as I was approaching the age of 60, my body was not happy with the way things were going.  I was overweight and sluggish, and often did not sleep well.  I love to hike, but my knees were weak and I was easily winded.  I had frequent pain in my hips, lower back and shoulders.  I felt unbalanced and out of sorts with my body.  I have a very rewarding job, but it's stressful work, which I knew was impacting my health and well being.  I had been taking medications for anxiety and depression for years.  I wanted to do something to change, to be more healthy, strong, and balanced.  So for my 60th birthday, I gave myself the best present ever and started my journey in Tai Chi, with Andrea Cheng. In the past 20 months, Andrea has trained me one-to-one, at my side, with such patience and encouragement, always teaching me new skills at the right pace for me.  As I learn and grow in this art, my body, mind, and spirit have responded.  I no longer experience constant aches and pains.  My posture and balance are so much better.  My knees and ankles are stronger and I can enjoy hiking again!  I have lost some weight and feel better in my clothes.  I no longer take medication for depression and my quality of sleep has improved.  I love the way I feel strong and competent when I'm practicing my art.  It has given me new confidence and a great sense of well being.  I'm so happy to have found Las Vegas Tai Chi.  Thank you, Andrea. --- Janie O.,  Social Worker

I have been a student of Mike Patterson since 1989. The benefits that have accrued to me as a result of what I have learned and applied to my life are difficult to adequately express in words because so much of the value added to my life as a by-product of my studies has manifested in the form of intangibles. What I do know for certain is that I value the experience of being Mike's student so much that I count it among the my life's most significant experiences and I am enthusiastic about being able to share my experiences so that maybe just one other person may be encouraged to put forth the effort and learn what Mike has to teach. During my experience as his student for more than 16 years, Mike has demonstrated without a doubt that he is a direct descendant of a line of amazing individuals. I am not exaggerating when I say that learning from Mike may represent the last link in this unbroken chain of teachers dating back hundreds of years. I am grateful to be his student. I am 65 years old and the president of a business corporation which brings me into direct contact with people and events that can be described as intensive and stressful. And, as with most of you who may be reading my story, in my personal life I have experienced more traumatic events than I care to remember. Yet, I can with humility say that I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit. I attribute my life condition to my application of the principles that exist at the core of everything that I have learned from Mike. My enhanced balance of mind-body-spiritual health has expressed itself into greater financial wealth, healthier relationships, and more frequent states of emotional well-being such as peace and happiness. I have no doubt that it can work for you. --- Al A.,   H. C. A. Inc., Real Estate Investment Corp.

Andrea is a great teacher – knowledgeable, patient, positive and encouraging.  Besides learning basic Tai Chi and Chi Gong, Andrea helped me with exercises and stretches that helped me heal and get stronger in parts of my body where I had problems. I think all of these practices will be helpful to me in maintaining my overall health, energy and well-being. ---  Dave N., Owner, Hospitality Resources

I have been a student of martial arts for the better part of my adult life.  A couple of years ago, the social interactions and limitations of group classes just stopped working for me.  And so it was, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and I met Mike and Andrea Patterson. Their acceptance of me as a student remains an honor for me.  It is hard to put into words just how my short time with Andrea as a tai chi, chi kung, and life coach has affected my life.  The life lessons that Andrea has taught me has translated into harmony in my personal life with relation to my interactions with my husband, my adult daughter, and elderly parents.  In the workplace, my past had a number of interpersonal conflicts that could have potentially caused harm to my career.  With the expert professional/career coaching that Andrea has provided, my workplace is also a lot more harmonious now.  Andrea taught me to be mindful with my words and actions and this has raised my level of consciousness quite a bit. Physically, the continuation of my study and practice of tai chi and chi kung has given me a deeper understanding of the art forms and a stronger ability to control my own internal energy.  My energy level has more regularity now, and I can proudly say that I am now medication free and over 50! I had taken an anti-anxiety medication for 15+ years prior to meeting Andrea… and a year ago my Doctor and I agree that I no longer have a need for such a daily medication.   I feel that the fine quality of life that I have now is strongly affected by my weekly time with Andrea as a tai chi, chi kung, career and life coach and I am very grateful. --- Maura R.,  School Teacher

“I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitus over 30 years ago. My doctors prescribed medications, chiropractic treatments, physical therapies, acupuncture, massage over the years. None of the modalities helped correct my problems. I had stiffness, pain in my body and low energy all of the time. By the time I met Mike and Andrea in 2009, my spine hunched forward, I could not lift my neck up to look upward, I had trouble walking and turning my body. I did not know if my limitations would allow me to do Tai Chi. Through my customized program, I experienced relief shortly after I started. My daily pain levels reduced. I follow my daily training regimen without fail. I am now able to look up, stand and walk with a relatively straight spine. My balance, strength, coordination, energy level and mental focus have also improved. I went to my annual physical checkup on my one year anniversary of my program with Las Vegas Tai Chi. The breath test result indicated that my lung capacity is functioning at 82% which is a phenomenal improvement from 70% just a year ago. It was amazing! I attribute the improvement from the daily practice of my program. Then, that same afternoon, I rode my Harley Davidson motorcycle which I had not been able to ride since I was a young man! I am 64 years old.” --- Gene M., Truck Driver - as told to his teacher at Las Vegas Tai Chi

I suffered a fall and tried everything but never recovered. Instead, it had gotten worse. Each day, I lived with constant pain and stiffness in my hips. I had low energy because the pain would wake me during my sleep each night. About four years later I developed a limp when I walk. The pain worsened. I could not make long trips to shooting tournaments like I once did. Long car rides became impossible. My hips would be in so much pain that I had to walk with a cane. I was facing a decision on hip replacement surgery. I began to seek alternative approaches so that I could avoid the hip surgery. Then I met Mike and Andrea in 2011. I did not think that my body was capable of doing Tai Chi. Through the customized daily training program, my pain began to reduce just two weeks after I started my studies. Months later, I was pain free and walk normal again like a healthy person. My friends noticed that I no longer walked with a cane at age 69. Being pain free now allows me to sleep through the night. My stamina has increased. Long car rides and walking on trails in tournaments are no longer a challenge. I avoided hip surgery! Tai Chi changed my life!! --- Neal J., Retired Shooting Instructor - as told to his teacher at Las Vegas Tai Chi

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