Now, making their home in Las Vegas, are two of the Nation's top teachers. Studies of Tai Chi (TaiJi), Chi Kung (qiqong), Meditation, Chinese Tui Na (therapeutic massage) and all other associative studies such as Hsing I (XingYi), Pa Kua (Bagua) and Liou He Ba Fah (Liuhebafa) are all available.

Shrfu Mike Patterson and Shrmu Andrea Cheng are two former coaches of World Team U.S.A. and they are now bringing their knowledge and expertise to the Las Vegas valley. At 59 years of age, Mike Patterson has been involved with the arts for 51 years. At 55 years of age, Andrea Cheng has been involved with the arts for 36 years. There is simply NOBODY more qualified to assist and guide you in the Las Vegas Valley. If you have ever thought of studying Tai Chi, the internal arts or their related disciplines in any capacity, this is the Institution for you.

We offer private, customized one on one training programs to help you realize your goals.

Assistance through us also includes both personal coaching (in work/business, diet, interpersonal relationships and general life) plus A.I.M. (Applied Integrative Motion) Therapy to identify and mitigate what learned patterns or daily stressors may be contributory to exacerbation and/or irritation of the issue(s)/imbalances being experienced. There are no other teachers that are able to utilize this approach. It is our own trademarked methodology and the product of decades of research and experience by the two of us in a professional setting.

Your training with us is completely confidential. Stop wasting time with those less capable. Contact Us and start achieving your goals of better health, balance and vitality.

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