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Shrfu (Sifu) Biography

Mike Patterson

MASTER MIKE PATTERSON: is considered by many to be one of the foremost experts in the world on the internal martial arts. Teacher of Hsing I, Pa Kua, Tai Chi, Liou He Ba Fah,Chi Kung, Meditation, Classical Weaponry, Tui Na, Taoist Philosophy. ShrFu began Martial Arts training at the age of six. He has over 51 years of Martial Arts experience, 41 years teaching the Internal Styles of Hsing I, Pa Kua, Tai Chi and Liou He Ba Fah. He is the highest ranking teacher in the United States Shen Lung Tang Shou Tao Association, and is Head of the United States Branch.

When he had barely turned twelve, he moved to the island of Taiwan and began his formal studies in the Internal Arts under Master Hsu Hong Chi. He was with Hsu Hong Chi (Xu Hongji), as his primary teacher, until Hsu Hong Chi's (Xu Hongji) untimely passing in 1983.

He has had numerous other teachers in these disciplines, continuing his studies of Hsing I (Xingyi), Pa Kua (Bagua) and Chen Tai Chi (Taiji) since Master Hsu's passing in an ever present attempt to deepen the understanding that only comes with long term, diligent practice and study.

ShrFu Patterson was the All Taiwan Full Contact Martial Arts Champion in 1975-1976, an all inclusive contest open to all styles and all ranks. He was the youngest champion ever in the history of the event and retired undefeated. He has since trained Numerous World, International and National Full Contact Champions himself. He served as the West Coast Regional Director of the United States Chinese KuoShu Federation from 1996 to 2001 and now serves as a special advisor for the same organization on the internal martial arts. He was Men's Coach of the 1996 World Team U.S.A. Inside Kung Fu Magazine chose him as The 1997 Coach Of The Year, having trained so many successful Full Contact KuoShu Fighters for competition. He has trained a total of 25 World, International, National and Regional Chinese KuoShu Full Contact Champions between the years of 1994 to 2000. And another 12 International Full Contact Champions in the early 1980's for Taiwan based contests. He retired from this venue of coaching at the end of the year 2000 (at least for the present) to focus more time into teaching and disseminating these internal disciplines. He has served as consultant for military, law enforcement and professional athletics programs and is co-founder of A.I.M. (applied integrative motion) Therapy.

He also serves as special advisor to two Asian based Martial Arts Associations and has published his own International magazine, The Hsing-I Journal, on the subject of Internal Martial Arts and authored two best selling books. His first book covered the art of Xingyi (Hsing I) and the second book covering the art of Bagua (Pa Kua). He has also produced a full line of Internationally recognized Instructional Videos on the subject. He is best known for his skills in both "Fah Jing" (which means to issue kinetic energy upon touching the opponent) and Iron Body ability. He is also well known for his skill with the
straight sword. He is a senior ranking memberof the Shen Lung Tang Shou Tao Association. He resides and teaches in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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